[texhax] old script font

Christian Hans Aastrup m00cha at math.ku.dk
Fri Dec 21 08:31:32 CET 2007

I don't have the old books you refer to. But I have a few old math books,
eg. Hajek/Sidak "Nonparametrics" (1967).

The script font they used looks like the following in LaTeX:


> Phillip E. Parker wrote:
>>>On Dec 20, 2007, at 1:18 AM, Phillip E. Parker wrote:
>>>>There is an old script font that was popular in math books published
>>>>in the 50s, 60s, and at least into the early 70s. Example letters
>>>>"B", "T", "U", "A", and a few others can be seen in Kelley's
>>>>Genreal Topology (e.g., p.46 has "B" and "T"). It is also found in
>>>>Simmons's Topology and Modern Analysis, Baum's Elementary Topology,
>>>>and the table of contents (but not the text!) of Rickert's Banach
>>>>How do I find out what font this is, and whether a form suitable
>>>>for use with LaTeX exists?
> See if your library has a copy of Rookledge's International Type-Finder.
> Christopher Perfect & Gordon Rookledge, (PBC International: New York 1983)
> It isn't perfect, but it is pretty good on typefaces from just the
> period you are interested in.
> Once you have the name of the font, you will still have to see whether
> there is a Type1 (or---sigh---a TrueType) version of it, but at least
> you will have something to start from.
> Pierre MacKay
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