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On 12/20/2007 at 08:06 AM, Matthew Leingang <leingang at math.harvard.edu> wrote:
>On Dec 20, 2007, at 1:18 AM, Phillip E. Parker wrote:

>> Ther is an old script font that was popular in math books published  
>> in the 50s, 60s, and at least into the early 70s. Example letters  
>> "B", "T", "U", "A", and a few others can be seen in Kelley's  
>> Genreal Topology (e.g., p.46 has "B" and "T"). It is also found in  
>> Simmons's Topology and Modern Analysis, Baum's Elementary Topology,  
>> and the table of contents (but not the text!) of Rickert's Banach  
>> Algebras.
>> How do I find out what font this is, and whether a form suitable  
>> for use with LaTeX exists?

>You might get more people to see your example if you scan the page and post

Well, as soon as I get to a scanner I was planning to do that. But I don't have one of my own, and it's a long way to the nearest one right now.

> I did find the Rickart.  I guess you're looking for the
>font of the "B" in the line "A.1.1. The algebras B(X) ..."


>I thought I had seen a script font like this; but I seem to be mistaken.
>I looked in the LaTeX Font Catalogue and the  
>comprehensive symbol guide, but I didn't find anything like it.

Yes. I tried both first and posted after they and the FAQ produced no leads.

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