[texhax] page number on title page & UMCP thesis problems

Mehmet Ergun mehmetaergun at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 18:03:06 CET 2007


I am trying to finish 'typing' this paper in latex, and I got stuck in
a not-so-important issue. I was hoping you could give me some quick
pointers to guide me?

The document class I am using is 'article'. The issue is, even if I
put \maketitle within a firstpage environment, or even if I specify
\thispagestyle{empty} right before the \maketitle, the first page
still is printed with a page number. Google didn't quite help so far
especially because the above are the ones it suggests.

Do you have any quick pointers?

Also, did anyone here use UMCP's thesis latex template[1] to write
their dissertation / thesis *with* apacite as the bibliography style?
It seems that hyperref conflicts with apacite and the template becomes
unusable without hyperref. If you take out hyperref, latex gives you
'no counter defined for item' errors. Does anyone have any ideas or
experience on how to solve this?

Thanks a lot,
Mehmet Ergun.

[1] File http://www.ireap.umd.edu/ireap/theses/LatexThesisTemplate/Files/LatexThesisTemplate-Sept2007.ZIP
in http://www.ireap.umd.edu/ireap/theses/LatexThesisTemplate/#Latex

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