[texhax] Fwd: Problem in hyperref.sty with xmltex

sanjay tripathi cooljay2007 at indiatimes.com
Sun Dec 9 12:22:13 CET 2007

Dear TeXies:

I am trying my hands on your xmltex project and it works fine, but I am facing problem with hyperref package. I was trying to retain cross-links in pdf file but somehow it is not responding as I want. Mention below is the codes:

XML File:

<cite rid=”cr1”>Author Name, 2007</cite>


<citation id="cr1">Applied Science Associates (ASA). 2001. Project Report for Greenwich Bay Water Quality Summer 2000. ASA Project No. 00-029 for RIDEM. </citation>

XMT File:



Everything is fine except cross-link in pdf. Kindly suggest how to eradicate such type of issues.


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