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Greg Babic greg_babic at yahoo.com.au
Mon Dec 3 11:11:00 CET 2007

G'day from Downunder! (Hello from Australia!)

I am preparing my third non-fiction book (and only my first attempt with LaTeX typesetting!), with LaTeX's memoir class , but, after looking through the Memoir manual, Memoir addendum, The Guide to LaTeX (Fourth Edition), The LaTeX Companion (Second Edition), The TeXbook, and the UK FAQ I have not been able to find out how to adjust the width of the quote and quotation environments. 

As my book is a compilation of 1,100 quotations, I actually want the quotes to fill the whole width of the page and not be indented on both sides from the margins...

Is this something to do with \adjustwidth?

Also, how do I put an author's name flushright and birth and death dates afterwards, without running over two lines and leaving a blank line?

Doing this...

This is a treasury of inspiration, stimulation and fun for writers.\begin{flushright}\textit {Dan Poynter,} author of\\* \textsc {The Self-Publishing Manual}\end{flushright}

leaves a big blank space between the quote and author that I can't get rid of.

Doing this...

How many people eat, drink, and get married; buy, sell, and build; make contracts and attend to their fortune; have friends and enemies, pleasures and pains, are born, grow up, live and die---but asleep!

\hfill\textit{Joseph Joubert (1754--1824)}

works, except when the author's name goes over the line, because then the next (carryover) line is left justified.

I would really appreciate if you could point me in the right direction.
Thank you very much for your time.

     Greg (Gregory Victor) Babic, Author

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