[texhax] dvips/eps problems with slides

Peter Gibbens p.gibbens at usyd.edu.au
Thu Aug 30 00:42:16 CEST 2007



I have a problem with preparing slide presentations with Winedt/MikTeX.
I have asked the Winedt people, they referred me to TUG.


I'm trying to prepare a slide presentation (for Friday morning) using

WinEdt and latex (lots of maths). I want to produce them in pdf form,

but am having a nightmare trying to get them to work (in landscape).
There are two

alternatives, but neither is working ...



1. If I use the dvi2pdf converter in the winedt toolbar, I cant get

the pdf output to come out in landscape mode, despite having used the

following in latex



\documentclass[landscape]{seminar}            (by the way, the 'slides'

class doesn't do it either). I have also tried the following


\usepackage[landscape]{geometry}               but that doesn't help




Is this a problem with adobe distiller setup? I've tried setting

landscape defaults in there too but that doesn't work. Can you advise

how to fix this?



2. If I use the dvips and then the ps2pdf tools in the toolbar,

this produces a landscape pdf output, but none of the .eps figures

appear. These are included in the latex with


\usepackage{epsfig}       I've also tried     \usepackage{pstricks}   to

no avail.



Are you able to advise on how to get either of these methods (preferably

both) to work?



Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks,






Dr. Peter W. Gibbens 

Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering 
School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering 
University of Sydney NSW 2006 

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Web: www.aeromech.usyd.edu.au 


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