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AHEB Brady bradymdcpa at bellsouth.net
Fri Aug 17 03:41:51 CEST 2007

I'm a TUG neophyte. But I tex everything. Started in 1996 with plaintex
on DOS 5.11 (?Maybe, not sure) Thought I was savvy. But my DOS 5.11 (or
Windows 3.1?) finally crashed; I'm trying to start over on Windows XP
Pro, only because it's here. My block is this: Protext is latex.
Texlive2007 looks latex. Winshell is latex. I load Texlive2007 over and
over from the DVD and get tplmgui.ini 'failed'. But then I still need a
plaintex editor. I'LL PAY. I would like a plaintex environment. I know
latex may be tex-du-jour but I'm conversant with plaintex, and I'm too
OLD to learn latex. You may not appreciate that such a Neanderthal
exists. Can't be impossible to start the simple way with plaintex! And
which editor?  Please, start with words of one syllable.

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