[texhax] Document class Book

Fehd, Ronald J. (CDC/CCHIS/NCPHI) rjf2 at CDC.GOV
Fri Aug 10 16:48:15 CEST 2007

From: "Eloi Machado" 

> I need a template of a tex file 
> with documentclass book. 
> Does anyone of you have it?

According to Chicago Manual of Style


a book has several parts: front, main, back

Due to production considerations,
i.e., that FrontMatter is written after the body of the book
and has roman numerals paging,
document class book has commands 
\frontmatter and
for changing page numbering.

Below is a template that I have developed.

Does this answer your Q?

Ron Fehd  the {SAS} macro maven  CDC Atlanta GA USA RJF2 at cdc dot gov

\title{\jobname\ example
      }%end title
\author{Ronald J. Fehd
       }%end author
%note: use for development and testing
\appendix %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
\end{document} %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

*** partA.tex ***
\part{Example A}%\label{part:A}

*** chapA.tex ***
\chapter{Example A}%\label{ch:A}

%name: FrontMatter.tex
%source: The Chicago Manual of Style, 14 ed.
%\include{frontPreface}%and Acknowledgements

%name  : BackMatter.tex
%source: The Chicago Manual of Style, 14 ed.
%after Chapters==Appendices:
%\include{backBibliography}% or Reference List
%\renewcommand{\refname}{\subsection{Reference List}}
\bibliography{\jobname}%generates thebib environment

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