[texhax] Nested list misalignment

Vince Pileggi vinpile at rogers.com
Tue Apr 17 02:59:44 CEST 2007

Need help to left justify second line of the nested list below (further
explanation and code example).

The code below under "\item[(c)] Pipe friction... given by $64/Re$.\\" is a
two line list item. The second line protrudes out to the left of the first
line. This only seems to happen in the nested list. In "\item[(i)] and
\item[(iii)]..." all the lines of the paragraph are properly left justified.

Thanks in advance for your help!

\item[(i)] Consider water flowing though a cast iron pipe having length $L$
of 100 $m$ , diameter $d$ of 200 $mm$ and a full flow rate of 100 $L/s$.
Calculate the following:
    \item[(a)]{\hspace{-84pt}\reversemarginpar{(2)}} \hspace{65pt}
    The average fluid velocity $V$ in $m/s$. \\
    \item[(b)]{\hspace{-84pt}\reversemarginpar{(2)}} \hspace{65pt}
    Reynolds number $Re$ and type of flow (i.e., laminar or turbulent). \\
    \item[(b)]{\hspace{-84pt}\reversemarginpar{(2)}} \hspace{65pt}
    Pipe friction loss $H_f$ in $m$. Recall that the friction factor $f$
under laminar flow conditions is given by $64/Re$. \\
A clay tile lined trapezoidal channel experiences uniform flow at a normal
depth of 3 $m$. The base width is 6 $m$ and the side slopes are equal at a
H:V of 1:2. ...:
    \item[(a)]{\hspace{-84pt}\reversemarginpar{(4)}} \hspace{65pt}
    The discharge flow rate $Q$ in $m^3/s$. \\
    \item[(b)]{\hspace{-84pt}\reversemarginpar{(3)}} \hspace{65pt}
    Reynolds number $Re$ and type of flow (i.e., laminar or turbulent).\\
\item[(iii)]{\hspace{-60pt}\reversemarginpar{(7)}} \hspace{36pt}
Assume that the channel has a flowrate of 10 $m^3/s$ at a normal flow depth
$y_1$ of 2 $m$. Calculate the depth of flow $y_2$ in a section of the
channel in which ....

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