[texhax] Greek in LaTeX

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Fri Oct 13 15:24:37 CEST 2006

Dear Nicolaas,

At 10:08 11.10.06, N.J.I. Mars wrote:

>It appears that my problem is not a LaTeX, but a MikTeX problem. In 
>particular, my installation seems to miss the appropriate Greek fonts, at 
>least in the footnote size. As a naive user of LaTeX, I am at a loss to 
>figure out which files I should download and install. I gave a minimal 
>example, with the version used of my MikTeX, to ask for help with this 
>particular problem.

so, sorry, my guess was wrong. I had the same problem -- I
guess -- with MiKTeX and the Greek fonts, indeed, some sizes
worked and others didn't. I quote from my posting last year:

At 21:20 25.09.05, Christian Schenk wrote:
>Uwe Lück wrote:
> > [...]
>>It likes to claim a syntax error in Silvio Levy's grbase.mf
>>(necessary both for ibycus and Silvio Levy's original font),
>>and immediately afterwards: "This can't happen".
>A known MiKTeX issue. Please rebuild the MF base file and try again.

I needed a while to find out what "rebuild the MF base file" means;
I reported how I did in the same posting:

Now for the first time in my life, I consulted the METAFONT book,
found the simple and lazy
     inimf / **plain / *input modes / *dump
and after some hours it made YAP work without complaints again.
(One problem is to find out where plain.base comes down,
like with Apollo and Sojus landings. -- Couldn't this be presented
more clearly and easier to find -- since new font installations are
perhaps not so rare?)

Maybe this helps you; I don't remember well what I did.
"inimf" is the MiKTeX version, I think, you type it into the
command line of Windows. The slashes mean "type Return".

The posting had something additional to which Christian Schenk

Uwe Lück wrote:
What is typical and strange concerning the problem with MiKTeX
is that the latter may accept one size of a shape but not a second
one. E.g., the standard cmcsc10.pk is generated for a very large
scaling without problems, but MakePK breaks with a smaller
scaling of cmcsc10 afterwards.
Dominik Wujastyk has reported this phenomenon to the MiKTeX project
5 years ago.
[Christian Schenk:]
If you are referring to #216324: this bug report has been closed. The bug 
was related to the psres.dpr file. This file is (very) obsolete. BTW, 
what's your MiKTeX version?
I would recommend that you submit a MiKTeX bug report. Please don't forget 
to compile a test case.

I seem to have overlooked this posting last year, only have found
it now. It puzzles me because I think I observed the problem,
and so do you. And the problem went away when I "rebuilt the
base file". Maybe Christian and I thought of different bug reports
by Dominik Wujastyk.

So I wish you good luck!


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