[texhax] Greek in LaTeX

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Tue Oct 10 21:07:47 CEST 2006

At 15:50 09.10.06, N.J.I. Mars wrote:
>I am trying to set a few words of Greek, in an English-language document:
>Latin text. \textgreek{abcdefg}
>Does this work in footnotes, though?\footnote{English and Greek: 
>Uisng MikTeX 2.5, what I get is the Latin text correct, but the Greek in 
>(Latin) typescript letters. What do I do wrong?

I have answered Nicolaas' almost same question dating from
August 31 this year on Sep 1 pointing to a solution that I prefer
-- not knowing about teubner. I still don't know.

Moreover, on


you find postings dating from September 2005 on
"greek symbols and accents" by Pierre MacKay
and myself, explaining the problem and offering
ibycus4 and greektex


as solutions. (I must admit that I haven't scrutinized greektex
for working with footnotes, but Yannis Moschovakis is a great
mathematician and thus can't have overlooked this problem.)
I recommend not to use babel for the case of a few Greek
words -- babel loads so many files, and I have had or learnt
about weird problems that babel introduces.

Pierre MacKay has posted another remark on ibycus4 here
for subject "collection ...".



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