[texhax] a0 poster

Deepankar Basu basu.15 at osu.edu
Sun Oct 8 22:45:30 CEST 2006


I want to make a a0 size poster with latex. To do so I downloaded the
following packages from CTAN:


Now I need to save them at an appropriate place (i.e., at a place where
Tex scans for input files). I looked at the Tex FAQ and read that files
with .sty, .cls or .fd extensions need to be saved in:


where $TEXMF is the local root of the texmf tree.  To find the local
root on my machine I did:

kpsewhich -expand-var "\$TEXMFLOCAL"

and got


But when I try to copy the files a0poster.cl or a0size.sty into


I see that the directory does  not exist! Infact, when I try to see if
the following directory exists:


I get a message: "no such file or directory".

Can anybody see the mistake I am making? Any adivice will be greatly


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