[texhax] plain TeX: changing margins on left/right pages?

Rex Shudde 0024p at vm1.cc.nps.navy.mil
Mon May 29 16:49:04 CEST 2006

I don't have the original code, but here is a two-sided macro I've
been using for many years:

  % two-sided from man.sty (see pg. 7-8)  MODIFIED
  \def\twosided{\twosided at true}
  \def\plainoutput{\iftwosided@ \ifodd\pageno \advance\hoffset by .125truein
      \else\advance\hoffset by -.125truein \fi

Rex Shudde

................earlier correspondence...............
> Sounds like you need to tweak \hoffset in your output
> routine.  Since \hoffset isn't used for anything other
> than page positioning, I can see no reason why you
> couldn't \advance it by -0,15in for \ifodd \count 0
> and by +0,15in otherwise.  What do you think ?
> Philip Taylor
> --------
> D. R. Evans wrote:
>> In order to position left and right pages correctly for printing, I need
>> have an addition 0.3" left gutter on even-numbered pages.
>> Can anyone give me a pointer as to how to do this in plain TeX?
>> (Oddly, the TeXbook doesn't seem to describe this in manmac, even though
>> the book itself clearly has different margins for the left and right
>> In case what I want isn't clear: \hsize stays the same but even-numbered
>> pages need to be shifted an extra 0.3" toward the right compared to
>> odd-numbered pages.
>>   Doc Evans

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