[texhax] Left-flushed equations

Micha Hofri hofri at WPI.EDU
Wed May 17 17:29:47 CEST 2006

Dear all:

I am trying to create a list of formulas, implemented as a list 
of equations.
In fact,  I want to convert an existing one (typeset in troff) to latex, 
before I make additional changes.  The list can be seen in 

The problem is, that if the equations are not flushed left the page looks 
terrible, and I failed to find a way to do it.

I use the class amsart.  Is this a bad choice?

According to the Latex Companion the option fleqn defines a rubber left 
indent, \mathindent, and it makes the page look wobbly.  Is there a way 
to cure this rubber? that is, harden it at 0pt?

Or another approach that delivers this end result?

I can of course give up the automatic labeling and use paragraphs with 
\displaystyle, but the renumbering and the use of \eqref are very 

Thanks,                  --Micha

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