[texhax] crosslinking in pdf

Tom Schneider toms at ncifcrf.gov
Mon May 15 01:34:21 CEST 2006

I want to make crosslinks active in PDF while using the PowerDot slide
presentation package.  This must be trivial to do but I'm apparently
not doing something right.

Here's the link.tex file:





\begin{wideslide}{Links to slides}
\item \ref{first}      first  ref
\item \ref{second}     second ref
\item \pageref{first}  first  pageref
\item \pageref{second} second pageref
\item \hyperref[other]{second} second pageref

first stuff here

second stuff here



latex link
latex link
latex link
dvips link
ps2pdf link.ps
open link.pdf

The PDF comes up and the three slides are there.

The first slide looks like this:

[] 2 first ref
[] 3 second ref
[] 2 first pageref
[] 3 second pageref
[] second second pageref

The Adobe Reader hand changes to a pointing finger when it is over the
numbers.  Clicking makes the numbers reverse video (light on a black
square) but nothing happens.

A functioning example would be useful but I don't have the current
LaTeX Companion (it's on order now ;0) ...


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