[texhax] businesscard.tex

Herbert Voss LaTeX at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sun May 14 08:40:04 CEST 2006

Tom Schneider wrote:

>>no, pstcol is really obsolete! Use an updated version of pstricks.sty,
>>available from CTAN, which loads by default xcolor and does some
>>more changes to the code.
> Oh my.  It's so hard to keep up with what is current.  Maybe a system
> for indicating that could be made?
> Anyway,
> Oh.  Well is it ok to go back to:
> \usepackage{color}
> \usepackage{pst-node}
> ?  Maybe someone wants color but doesn't have pstricks - they would
> just delete the second line.

or section 3.4 in


is the correct sequence


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