[texhax] Better pdf reader?

Alan Litchfield alan at alphabyte.co.nz
Sun May 7 06:36:46 CEST 2006

Steve Schwartz said:
> I use xpdf (under Linux, ...) for previewing my pdflatex files. After
> compiling a changed version of the .tex file with pdflatex, striking the "r"
> key with xpdf the active window will reload the pdf file to the same place
> (i.e., page number I think) and the same magnification. I don't know if
> there is something similar for a MSWindows PC [I guess for a mac there must
> be a version of xpdf that runs under OsX or something else within the mac to
> do this, as my understanding is that the mac windowing system is native pdf]

On the Mac its easier than that. Just use TeXShop, it uses its own PDF
previewer to preview files and they are synchronised each time the job is run.

With grateful thanks to the developers :)


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