[texhax] Word vs. LaTeX questions (was latex in social sciences?)

Peter Flom flom at ndri.org
Sun May 7 03:20:46 CEST 2006

Interesting responses on this stuff so far.

Right now, I am using a Windows machine and WinEdt.  I don't use WinEdt as well as I'd like.

It's interesting, though, because it points out a strenght/weakness of LaTeX, which might be good
to address.  That is, you can use any of a vast array of editors, on a vast array of machines.  This is
good, because people can do what they like.  OTOH, it's bad, because there isn't *ONE*way to use LaTeX,
there are many.....so, books on LaTeX leave off material about editors.....but the editor is sort of key to the whole
process.  Maybe some people come to LaTeX already having a favorite editor (I would think this would be the case
for computer scientist/programmer types), but a lot of social scientists will not.
And most of them, I would bet, don't want to spend a lot of time learning about editors.  

It might be interesting to have a series of articles (in PracTeX probably) by people who use the most
popular editors talking about HOW they use them, and what neat tricks they can do.


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