[texhax] latex in social sciences?

Novak Elliott N.S.J.Elliott at warwick.ac.uk
Sat May 6 17:28:07 CEST 2006

Hi all,

A friend of mine has got her first research job for the summer in political science and I'd like to offer some words of wisdom and help out in terms of writing a research paper.

Besides the obvious stuff, there's the question of which tools to use for the actual writing.  I'd love to suggest latex/bibtex and a good text editor but I'm not sure its the right choice.  What she'll be writing will be text with harvard style citations, footnotes (lots), section headings and a bibliography - but no equations or figures.  The other option would be something like Word + Endnote.

So my questions are these:
1. Does anyone out there use latex in politics/social sciences?
2. Are politics journals typeset in latex?
3. Is it possible to do the "ibid"/"op cit" type citations in latex?
4. Is there a nice way to handle multiple references from the same source, with only the pages being different, in bibtex?

I look forward to any discussion.


Novak Elliott
Warwick Postgraduate Research Fellow
Fluid Dynamics Research Centre
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The University of Warwick
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