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>>>>> "Philip" == Philip G Ratcliffe <philip.ratcliffe at fastwebnet.it> writes:

  > Second it is indeed correct: the whole point of LaTeX is that it
  > does the type-setting for you and therefore puts the figure in the
  > best place it finds for it.  If this is not what you want/need
  > then maybe you don't want/need LaTeX.

The problem is that LaTeX does not support manual figure or table
placement.  In many cases it is better not to use floats, many people
do not use floats for tables but they use the figure environment
because they need a caption.

To get captions when floats are not used, use the capt-of or caption
package.  From the catalogue:

   capt-of Captions on more than floats

   Defines a command \captionof for putting a caption to something
   that's not a float.  Note that the caption package includes a
   \captionof command that is an extension of the one provided by this
   package. The author is Robin Fairbairns.

I also think that the variables which control whether a float object
can appear somewhere are too restrictive by default.

The values proposed by Keith Reckdahl in epslatex.ps cause much less


Also, a big problem with current LaTeX is that it defers placement
of floats without providing any information *why* a float has been
deferred.  There is absolitely no hint in the log file.

This problem had been solved in the LaTeX3 experimental output routine. 

However, LaTeX does not provide support for graphics or table
insertion inside paragraphs.  Maybe there is a macro package which
uses \vadjust, but I don't know.

If such a package does not exist yet, it would be nice if someone will
provide it.


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