[texhax] A basic question

Philip G. Ratcliffe philip.ratcliffe at fastwebnet.it
Tue May 2 21:23:28 CEST 2006

> I use WinEdt on MSWindows.  I have edited miktex.ini and
> specified WinEdt as
> the preferred editor.  So, whenever a tex compilation stops with
> an error, I
> type   "e" and get the problematic line within the WinEdt window.
> However, my collegue has done the same.  His miktex.ini looks the same as
> mine.  But because of some unknown reason, each time he types "e" notepad
> keeps opening.   How can this be changed?

First of all, make sure that you have created/edited miktex.ini in your
localtexmf tree; don't use the one in the texmf tree as this may be
overwritten. More precisely, you should follow ALL of the instructions in
the copy found in tex texmf tree:

;; YOU SHOULD NOT MODIFY THIS FILE, because this file can be
;; overwritten by the MiKTeX Update Wizard. Follow this procedure, if
;; you want to modify configuration settings:
;; 1. create an empty configuration file in the local config
;;    directory, e.g.
;;      echo ;; my miktex.ini> C:\localtexmf\miktex\config\miktex.ini
;; 2. start editing the file:
;;      notepad C:\localtexmf\miktex\config\miktex.ini
;; 3. add configuration settings, then save the file
;; 4. update the file name database:
;;      initexmf -u
;; Settings specified in the local configuration file take precedence
;; over those specified in the main configuration file (i.e., this
;; file).

Cheers, Phil

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