[texhax] using both sides of page for a 2-up latex document?

Matthew Leingang leingang at math.harvard.edu
Tue May 2 14:55:34 CEST 2006

My original response to Chris, which I also forgot to send to the list:

Interesting question.  Here's a possibility, which is not a pure LaTeX
solution but does get the job done.

%--- LaTeX document ----


    \Huge Please come to my art show!

%--- End Document ---

Now print to file using a 2-up option. :-)

I'm guessing you could do something similar with a landscape papersize and
two minipages, eliminating the print to file step.


On 5/1/06 11:51 PM, "Christopher W. Ryan" <cryan at binghamton.edu> wrote:

> My daughter has to create a simple invitation for her senior art show in
> high school.  I thought it might be educational for me and for her to
> try to do it in latex.  We've already done it in OpenOffice.org, but it
> involved a lot of manual dragging of frames here and there and took a
> long time to get a less-than-perfect layout.
> The invitations are to be approx 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches, laid out
> side-by-side on letter paper, in "2-up" fashion, so they can be cut
> apart into two separate invitations.  So far that's easy.
> On the back of the text, there is to be an image of one of her pieces of
> artwork. It is supposed to occupy almost all of the back side, save for
> a small margin all around.  We scanned one of her B&W photos into an
> image file (currently jpg, but we could convert it to just about
> anything.)  The thing I'm finding difficult is centering the image so
> that it aligns with the centered text on the front side, so that when we
> cut them in two, both text and image will be in the center (in all
> directions) of their respective now-half-sized sheets of paper.
> What is the best latex way to do this?  So far, I have experimented with
> the booklet package.
> Thanks.
> --Chris Ryan
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