[texhax] Finding packages [was `Count down ...']

Martin Heller mr_heller at yahoo.dk
Mon May 1 03:26:23 CEST 2006

Karl Berry skrev:
>     Is this the MiKTeX package?
> texdoc(tk) is a program that attempts to find documentation in a TDS
> tree.  It runs on Unix, don't know about Windows.

texdoc runs on Windows. texdoctk does not (except using Cygwin or 
similar). With a standard MikTeX installation you can just type `texdoc 
sectsty' in Start->Run... and the sectsty manual pups up.

The WinEDT editor has a very usefull macro extension LaTeXdoc 
<http://winedt.org/Macros/LaTeX/LaTeXDoc.php> for finding LaTeX 
documentation on a Windows system.

> Because documentation file names are so random, there are many packages
> for which it cannot find documentation; each requires a special case in
> the config file.  Of course the doc also has to be available in the
> installed distribution -- it won't go looking out on the net.

On my Windows box texdoc tries to locate the documentation on CTAN if 
nothing is found on my system.

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