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Here is the full table code, and I attach the result.  The reason that I am
using tabularx is simply that tabular does not work with some element that I
have in my table--LaTex will not generate the table using just tabular.
Could I be missing something?  Absolutely, I patched this table together
months ago from various examples and my LaTex experience is...increasing.
If does work, I was just hoping for the left justification.

\begin{table} [h]
\caption{\label{table:aims}Correspondence of designs, study types
and dynamical modeling steps.}
\begin{tabularx}{0.92\linewidth}{|| p{3cm}| p{3cm}|  p{3cm}| p{3cm}|p{3cm}
\textbf{Study Aim} &  \textbf{Smoking Behavior Study Type} &
\textbf{Time Series Steps} &
\textbf{Control Model Steps} & \textbf{Demonstration Data}\\
Develop dynamical models of self-regulation & Descriptive Longitudinal \&
Momentary Behavior & 1. Characterize the \emph{Stability of a Process} and
its time varying covariates & 1. Identify basic \emph{Control Process} &
TERN, Richmond, Mooney, Jamner data\\
Assess change in self-regulation & Interrupted Time Series; Cessation \&
Intervention & 2. Assess interruption effects on the \emph{Stability of a
Process} & 2. Assess intervention effects on the \emph{Control Output} &
Shiffman data\\
Characterize change in self-regulation over intervals of calendar time &
Longitudinal Measurement Burst \& Natural History of Momentary Behavior \&
Developmental Course & 3. Assess the long-term trend of the \emph{Stability
of a Process} & 3. Characterize the over-time structure of the control
process & Rende and Jamner data \\

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Theodore Walls :

> Does anyone know how to get text within table cells LEFT justified?
> \begin{tabularx}{0.92\linewidth}{|| p{3cm}| p{3cm}|  p{3cm}| 
> p{3cm}|p{3cm}
> ||}
>  \hline
> \textbf{Study Aim} &  \textbf{Substance Abuse Study Type} & 
> \textbf{Time Series Steps} &

if I'm not mistaken it already is left justifies, otherwise it might be a
good idea for you to create a minimal example we can work with.

You might also want to have a look at the array package

BTW: why are you using tabularx and no X column specifiers?


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