[texhax] Re: Left justify table

Martin Heller mr_heller at yahoo.dk
Sat Mar 25 23:21:45 CET 2006

Theodore Walls wrote:

> Does anyone know how to get text within table cells LEFT
> justified?
> \begin{tabularx}{0.92\linewidth}{|| p{3cm}| p{3cm}|  p{3cm}|
> p{3cm}|p{3cm}
> ||}
>   \hline
> \textbf{Study Aim} &  \textbf{Substance Abuse Study Type} &
> \textbf{Time Series Steps} &

This makes no sense. You need to have a X column if you want a
fixed width tabular. The p cells are justified. If you want
ragged right then you should use something 
like >{\raggedright\arraybackslash}X as the column specifier.

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