[texhax] Organizing A Big LaTeX File

Leung Ngai-Hang Zachary leungnga at comp.nus.edu.sg
Tue Mar 21 13:41:58 CET 2006

> For a 30 page document, I would not bother with separate files.
> Even with a long document, I see little reason not to have all
> the .tex files in the same folder.  I mostly use TeX for writing
> many chapter books, and I make each 15-30 page chapter into a
> separate file but have all the files in the same folder, where
> it is easy to see them all at one time when I click on the folder.

Okie, thanks for your answers!  I guess I'm the sort who likes to
organize things into different folders.  I just use vim and the command
line, so things are not as nice as in WinEdt.  Dave, I've got a different
perspective now from you, perhaps I'll change my viewpoint in the future!


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