[texhax] Organizing A Big LaTeX File

David C. Walden dave at walden-family.com
Mon Mar 20 13:19:36 CET 2006

At 08:48 PM 3/19/2006, Leung Ngai-Hang Zachary wrote:
>Oh, another question: do you place the source TeX files into a separate
>folder too, so you have something like this:


For a 30 page document, I would not bother with separate files.
Even with a long document, I see little reason not to have all
the .tex files in the same folder.  I mostly use TeX for writing
many chapter books, and I make each 15-30 page chapter into a
separate file but have all the files in the same folder, where
it is easy to see them all at one time when I click on the folder.

I am sure other editors have similar capabilities, but I'll mention
WinEdt which I mostly use.  It can show all the names of \include
files in a little window to the left of the main editing window.
To move among the files, one just clicks on the name in the little
left window.  The editor also shows a list of declared labels, which
makes it easy to find something I want to cross reference.  The
combination of the editor's capabilities and \include and \includeonly
which we have already mentioned in this thread makes it very easy to
work with a big documents (e.g., hundreds of pages in my experience).


I'd be interested in hearing about other editors that provide
capabilities that enable flexibly of moving among files equivalent
to that I described with WinEdt.  It this "curiosity query"
seems like overloading the list, please send answers off-list,
and I'll find a way to summarize publicly later.


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