[texhax] Invitation to the BachoTeX 2006 conference

Jerzy B. Ludwichowski Jerzy.Ludwichowski at uni.torun.pl
Wed Mar 15 16:10:55 CET 2006

              14th Polish TeX Conference
                    BachoTeX 2006
              April 29 - May 2, 2006, 
      Bachotek (Brodnica Lake District), Poland 

The 14th Conference and Annual Meeting of GUST, the Polish TeX Users
Group, will traditionally be held in Bachotek, Brodnica Lake District, 
April 29-May 2, 2006.

This year's conference title is 

          ``There is no life without live TeX''.

The program and organising committees invite those who want to learn
TeX, those who like TeX as well as advanced TeX users. The program 
has many elements aimed at attracting TeX beginners. It is build 
around the following outline:

    * birth (possible metaphorical meaning: the first 
      meeting   with TeX, i.e., a new TeX user is ``born''),

    * education, i.e., childhood and youth (possible metaphorical
      meaning: the newbie gets acquainted with TeX colleagues,
      with new packages, new problems, etc.),

    * real life (possible metaphorical meaning: the newbie  
      becomes a professional and happy user of the TeX system,
      perhaps a wizard).

In accord with this, we dedicate the first day to the beginners: 


-- TeX: Andrzej Odyniec
-- LaTeX: Zofia Walczak, Grzegorz Murzynowski
-- ConTeXt: Piotr Bolek, Jakub Kulesza

-- ``TeX Beginners Clinic'': Joanna Ry\'cko coordinates a team, 
    whose main task is to flesh out this idea: ``Come to
    Bachotek with you thesis, article or similar and we will
    help you to typeset it prettily with TeX!'' The Clinic
    lessons will be offered during the remaining conference days. 

During  the main part of the conference (30 April until 2 May)
presenters will address many issues some of which should also be
interesting to beginners, most notably those by

-- Wojciech Myszka(*),
-- Joanna Ryćko(*),
-- Tomasz \L{}uczak(*) and 
-- Gabriela Grusza(*).

(*) -- for details see below

This conference is an opportunity to start learning TeX and to join
a competent and very friendly community.

We also invite advanced and very advanced TeX users: they will surely
find interesting presentations, will have the opportunity to upkeep
old and start new contacts. We hope that they will also give a hand
to the ``TeX Beginners Clinic'' team and help the TeX beginners to
merge successfully into our community.

What's currently on offer:

-- Jonathan Kew, ``The XeTeX project: typesetting for the rest
    of the world''
-- Andrzej Tomaszewski, ``Graphic design of a literary magazine''
-- Micha\l{} Wronka, ``TeX documents versioning for individual and 
    group work''
-- Jean-Michel Hufflen, ``Writing structured and semantics-oriented
    documents: TeX vs. XML'', ``MlBibTeX, BibTeX and bibliography 
    styles'', ``Advanced techniques in XSLT''
-- Wojciech Myszka, ``How to survive in a hostile WYSIWYG 
-- Jacek Kmiecik, Marek W\'ojtowicz, ``With TeX backing...''
-- Joanna Ry\'cko, ``Typography for beginners (by a beginner)'', 
    ``How to report (La)TeX problems: a minimal working example 
    and other rules''
-- Tomasz \L{}uczak, ``TeX in the office, also for non-TeXies''
-- Ryszard Kubiak, ``From XML do TeX, using Emacs and Haskell''
-- Karel Piska ``Font verification and comparison in examples''
-- Gabriela Grusza, ``BibTeX as a tool for automating tasks around
-- Petr Olsak ``OFS -- Macro Package To Manage Your Fonts''
-- Marcin Woli\'nski, ``Logical Markup in Practice''
-- Hans Hagen, ``Howling to the moon''
-- Przemys\l{}aw Scherwentke, ``Creating Graphs with LaTeX -- an 
    easy to use package'', ``These wretched at-end-of-line 
    single-letter conjunctives''
-- Maciej Jan G\l{}owacki, ``LiTeX---a TeX micro-distribution''
-- Bogus\l{}aw Jackowski, Marcin Woli\'nski, ``A prolegomena to the
    fenomenology of TeX parametric behaviour''
-- Taco Hoekwater, ``MetaPost -- terminally ill or just playing dead?''
-- W\l{}odzimierz Bzyl, Piotr Bolek, Adam Dawidzuk, ``The Polish
    translation of The TeXbook'' (a temporary title)
-- Bogus\l{}aw Licho\'nski, Tomasz Przechlewski, Stanis\l{}aw 
    Wawrykiewicz, ``The open educational GUST portal''
-- Bogus\l{}aw Jackowski, Janusz Marian Nowacki, ``The LM font family''
-- Hans Hagen, Volker RW Schaa, ``New Font Project''
-- Jerzy Ludwichowski, ``The fontCD Project'', ``GUST font licenses''

Participants are invited to present samples of their TeX works in the
form posters: we will take care of poster space. Perhaps new ideas 
and solutions will emerge?

Exhausted TeXies will get a chance to recover their intellectual 
powers at the nightly singing and playing musical instruments bonfire
sessions. Participate by bringing your own instruments (and voices)!

To the authors: the full versions of papers for the publication in the
conference proceedings should be delivered to the Program Committee by
April 7th 2006.

Session abstracts, registration page, other details and relevant
information can be found already or will be published soon at the
conference web site:


Please note that registration after the deadline of March 31, 2006 
will be more expensive.

              See you at BachoTeX!
Jerzy B. Ludwichowski
GUST -- The Polish TeX Users Group
Plac Rapackiego 1
PL-87-100 Torun, Poland
+48 56 6112742
+48 56 6221850 fax

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