[texhax] Giving alternative names for authors in BibTeX?

"Matthias F. Jütte" mfjuette at web.de
Wed Mar 15 12:35:22 CET 2006

Hi all!

Is there a way to use different names or designations for authors in the
text and in the list of references with BibTeX? I believe to have read
it about that option somewhere, but cannot remember where that could
have been.

Here's an example to make more clear what I am looking for:

I am required to cite internet resources like so in one of my papers:

Bib entry: "http://full.path.to/domain/and/document.html (2005) ... <all
other info>"
Citation in the text: "(http://full.path.to/domain 2005)"

I would therefore like to give the full path as the author and define an
alternative ("http://full.path.to/domain 2005") to be used in the in-text



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