[texhax] "draft" option interferes with \includegraphics

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Fri Mar 10 15:05:22 CET 2006

Niall Mansfield :

> The following latex input doesn't display the image at all.
> Instead, it shows a rectangular box with the words "example.eps"
> half-way down the left hand side.
> Removing the "draft" option causes the image to display correctly.
> Any ideas how to fix this problem?

this is not a problem, this is a standard functionality of the graphicx 
package. Whay are you using draft? See also below

> 	Thanks,
> 	Niall Mansfield
> \documentclass[draft]{article}
> \usepackage[dvips]{graphicx}
> \begin{document}
> \includegraphics{example.eps}
> \end{document}

you might add 'final' to the graphicx options

BTW: the 'dvips' options is no longer needed graphicx detects the needed 
driver (at least for dvips versus pdftex) automatically.


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