[texhax] March 2006 TUG news: conferences call for papers, journals

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Mar 9 01:09:49 CET 2006

Dear TeX users,

- Proposals for presentations are requested for both the
  EuroTeX'06 (in Hungary) and PracTeX'06 (in New Jersey) conferences.
  The deadline for both is April 1.
  If you are interested in presenting at either (or both!) conferences,
  please see the information on their respective web sites:

  In addition to the call for papers, online registration, flyers
  (please post if you can), participants and speakers so far, and more
  are all available.

- A little bit (but not too much) later is the deadline for TUG 2006 in
  Morocco: June 1 for proposals and *June 30 for full papers*.  (The
  organizers wish to have the proceedings available at the conference.)
  The sooner the better!

- The first issue of The PracTeX Journal for 2006 has been published at
  http://tug.org/pracjourn.  It is a special issue devoted to fonts:
  LaTeX basics, Latin Modern, a survey of free math fonts, font
  identification quizzes, and much more.

- TUGboat volume 26 number 3 (the last issue for 2005) is in the mail
  to 2005 members now.  (Please give the postal services some time for
  The first publication for 2006 will be a special publication of the
  EuroTeX 2005 proceedings, to be produced in Germany and jointly
  distributed to the members of most of the European groups.  We expect
  it to be ready fairly soon.

- The International Journal for Digital Typography, a new online
  academic journal for dissemination of research results in the areas
  of electronic document design and presentation, has been created.
  The co-editors in chief are Yannis Haralambous, John Plaice, and
  Apostolos Syropoulos.  See the IJDT web site at 
  http://www.bepress.com/ijdt/ for more information.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact us (tug-news at tug.org) with
questions, suggestions, or information.  Thank you for your ongoing

Best regards,
Karl Berry (President) on behalf of the TUG Board

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