[texhax] boders on top and bottom only with \fcolorbox

Brent Legge Brent.Legge at messagingdirect.com
Fri Jun 30 19:53:27 CEST 2006

Hi TexHax,

I'm trying to do a shaded text area with a dark border, but I only want 
the border to occur on the tob and bottom of the box.  I've attempted 
this using \rule in the following code:

    \fcolorbox {lightgray}{lightgray}{
    \parbox{4.8cm}{\vskip2pt \scriptsize Nr~rachunku \vskip4pt
      \footnotesize \an{#1}\vskip2pt}
    \parbox{7cm}{\vskip2pt \scriptsize Rodzaj~rachunku \vskip4pt
      \footnotesize \an{#2}\vskip2pt}
    \parbox{3cm}{\vskip2pt \scriptsize Oprocentowanie~rachunku \vskip4pt
      \footnotesize\hfil \an{#3}\hfill\vskip2pt}\nobreak
    \hskip3pt\parbox{2cm}{\vskip2pt \scriptsize\hfil 
Waluta~rachunku\hfill \vskip4pt
      \footnotesize \hfil\an{#4}\hfill\vskip2pt}

But this results in a small gap between the top border and the gray box 
(introduced by the carriage return).

Is there another package that can be used to accomplish this or is there 
something missing in \fcolorbox that I could be using?

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