[texhax] Equation counters in tables

Simmie, John john.simmie at nuigalway.ie
Wed Jun 14 12:57:42 CEST 2006

I am trying to put cross-references to equations inset in a table ...
Surprisingly $$ \label{jms1}$$ is tolerated by LaTeX but is not
translated properly when \ref{jms3}
is used in the general text ...
Do I have to step the equation counter or adopt a completely different
\caption{\textbf{CBS-QB3 standard enthalpies of reaction and formation
at 298 K in kcal mol$^{-1}$ for acetonyl}}\label{isodesmic}
\begin{tabular}{clrc} \hline
\# & working reaction                                 & $\Delta H_r$ &
$\Delta H_f$ \\ \hline
$$\label{jms1}$$ & $\mathrm{CH_3CO\dot{C}H_2 + CH_3CH_3  = CH_3COCH_3 +
CH_3\dot{C}H_2}$ & $5.5$ & $-8.4$ \\
$$\label{jms2}$$ & $\mathrm{CH_3CO\dot{C}H_2 + CH_3CHO   = CH_3COCH_3 +
\dot{C}H_2CHO}$  & $-0.9$ & $-7.6$\\

                      Professor John M. Simmie
                             Combustion Chemistry Centre
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