[texhax] BachoTeX 2006 -- CFP

Jerzy B. Ludwichowski Jerzy.Ludwichowski at uni.torun.pl
Sat Jan 21 13:41:07 CET 2006

                    BachoTeX 2006 ante portas
                            Call for papers

This is the call for papers, perhaps a strange one, for BachoTeX 200, 
April 29--May 2, 2006, Bachotek (Brodnica Lake District), Poland. 

Instead of a list of preferred topics we would like you to make 
whatever you want with the following.  

This year's, now revised, conference title is 
``There is no life without live TeX''.

The Program Committee wants to attract more beginners hence 
decided to give them guidance to their TeX adventure by structuring 
the conference around the following metaphorical outline:

1.  birth (possible metaphorical meaning: the first meeting with TeX,
    i.e., a new TeX user is ``born'')
2.  education i.e., childhood and youth (possible metaphorical 
    meaning: the newbie gets acquainted with TeX colleagues, with new 
    packages, new problems, etc.)
3.  real life (possible metaphorical meaning: the newbie becomes a 
    professional and happy user of the TeX system, not to say a wizard)

One of our, otherwise celebrated, TeX-ies reaction was: ``Where are 
the remaining points? Postponed for BachoTeX 2007?''

4.  senility or how fossilized TeX started to lose five years ago with
    more modern systems
5.  death (around 2010 TeX ceases to exist, the number of TeX-ies 
    falls below 1000)
6.  reminiscences (BachoTeX 2020, GUST remainders meet at the lake to 
    recall good old times, count all those still alive and grumble over
    the all-present 1024-bit, 4-terahertz neural networks. StaW just 
    released TeX Live 2020, but nobody can find ,,\'' on his keyboard 
    so it is impossible to type \bye...)

Now then: We do not restrict what your presentations should be about but 
would be more than happy if your contributions could elaborate on those 
worries/reservations with a focus on TeX's future progress/decay.

Proposals (abstracts) should be e-mailed to the Program Committee: 
bachotex at gust.org.pl. Boguslaw Jackowski is the appointed chairman. 

Finally, we have extended the initial 22nd January``deadline'' for 
abstracts until 15th February. The deadline for the final 
papers will soon be published at the conference web site:

Jerzy B. Ludwichowski
GUST -- The Polish TeX Users Group
Plac Rapackiego 1
PL-87-100 Torun, Poland
+48 56 6112742
+48 56 6221850 fax

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