[texhax] fontinst: .AFM (only .PFB and .PFM at hand)

Ulrich Zarathustra at xs4all.nl
Wed Feb 22 12:41:58 CET 2006


I'm trying to install the ITC Galliard font that is shipped with ATM. 
Unfortunately, only the .PFB files are present, the .AFM's are missing.
I tried to make .AFM's from the .PFB's with 'makeafm' which produces 
considerably smaller .AFM's (some info is missing in that files) and 
'pfm2afm' which produces .AFM's out of .PFM's.
    Now, when I try to make .TFM (and other) files from that with 
'fontinst' (no difference if .AFM's have been made with 'makeafm' or with 
'pfm2afm'), I only get .FD files, but no others (also the produced 
pgl-rec-tex files is 0 bytes). 
    I used the Fontinstallationguide (by Philip Lehmann) and the guide that 
comes with 'fontinst', and done everything exactly as described. Because I 
read somewhere that it's nearly impossible to install a font when no .AFM 
files are included, I think that that's the problem; 'pfm2afm' doesn't make 
useful .AFM's.

Is there somebody in TeX userland that has experiences with that matter?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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