[texhax] Grammar BNF of the TEX system

Patricia Stoffel Daifchen at gmx.net
Mon Feb 20 10:12:48 CET 2006


we are two students of  "Université de Liège" (Belgium) (www.ulg.ac.be) in
third year of studies in science of informatics. In the class from M PA
DeMarneffe named "Compilateur et systèmes d'écritures de compilateurs"
(informatical page in french:
http://progcours.ulg.ac.be/cocoon/cours/INFO0025-1.html), we have to
programme a compiler.

Our idea is transform a Tex-file into code HTML. For this, we need the BNF
grammar of the TEX-langage to adapt it  at our needs (we do not want use all
the grammar, and limit our-selves at some commands) .

Do you know some contacts, who we can contact for more information at this

Thank you for your help

Patricia Stoffel and Jean-Yves Nicolas

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