?SPAM? - Re: [texhax] TeX capacity exceeded??

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Mon Feb 13 14:35:45 CET 2006

I know that searching a long e-mail for what one really
wants to know may be little fun -- and this may be another
reason that help didn't come soon. Another reason may
have been that a diagnosis is not so easy in cases
like this. It often needs several runs and much guessing
-- guessing what test to try next, where to place the
\tracingmacros etc. Additional guesses on testing below
(I hope, a real expert will look there now, thanks to Phil)

At 11:38 12.02.06, Philip TAYLOR wrote:

>Reinhard Kotucha wrote:
>>The reason you didn't got a response yet is probably the annoying html
>>code appended to your mail.  Can you instruct your mail program to
>>omit html?
>I see no HTML in the original message; I do see a Korean
>character ("tak_sign.gif") encoded in base-64, but that's
>not unreasonable in a posting from a Korean !

Neither see I HTML in the original message;
however, Reinhard said this about an _attachment_.
I see that some attachment has not appeared on
my hard disk; this attachment seems to contain
much of the information that is needed here.
I mean: there is the tak_sign.gif, but Eudora
tells me that there must have been another
attachment that has been lost.

>>What we need is the log file and the source file in which the error
>Some of the source was in the original message :
> > I am working with your WinEdt, but I am faced with a problem.
> > I am trying to \input a TeX figure into my main document. What
> > I have done is
> >
> > \begin{figure}
> > \input{fig1.tex}
> > \end{figure}
> >
> > However, WinEdt says
> >
> > ! TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [main memory size=3D2000001].
> > \put ...
> > \hb at xt@ \z@ {\kern #1\unitlength #3\hss
> > }
> >
> > \ignorespaces
> > l.44939 \put(1019,373){\rule{1pt}{1pt}}
> > If you really absolutely need more capacity,
> > you can ask a wizard to
> > enlarge me.
> >
> > So, my figrue seems too big for my current settings to handle.
> > Please tell me how I can go around this problem ASAP.
> > Many thanks for your help in advance.
>Philip Taylor

Indeed, another friendly reader, Phil, as in an earlier battle.
It seems that we just need that fig1.tex.
(I had overlooked this previously as well.)

And could someone please tell me what
     [main memory size=3D2000001]
means? (Don't overlook the `D', that's what puzzles me.)

A minimal breaking part of fig1.tex may help as well.

As well: a description of the wanted outcome,
as hints to how the figure could need so much memory.

Maybe that wizard enlargening memory is needed indeed,
but I am not an expert on main memory size;
I am an expert only in as much as I possibly always
after much trying have overcome memory problems.


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