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Jeff Barnett jbarnett at nrtc.northrop.com
Mon Feb 6 22:25:36 CET 2006

Albert Kapune wrote:
> Patric Glöde schrieb am 06.02.2006 21:07 folgendes:
>> is there a LaTeX command which changes the counter of a section and its 
>> subsections from the default numeric counter into an alphabetic 
>> character. E.g. the last section of a paper may serve as appendix, which 
>> should not be numbered by 8, 8.1,8.2,8.3 etc. but rather by A, 
>> A.1,A.2,A.3 etc.
> Are you looking for something like this:
> 	\renewcommand{\thechapter}{\Roman{chapter}}
> Kind regards
> Albert
Or just put a "\appendix" command in the main body of the document 
before you want the change in heading style. After that, sections will 
be "A", "B", etc.
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