[texhax] Wrap two-column text around centered float?

Matthew Leingang leingang at math.harvard.edu
Tue Feb 7 14:05:29 CET 2006


I'm interested in putting a graphic in the middle of a page and wrapping two
columns of text around it, kind of like the Talmud.

I've looked into the various float packages that allow text to wrap around a
float, to the left or the right.  Some of these work in two-column or
multi-column format, too.  But each of them put the float in the column,
rather than between them.

The wrapfigure environment from wrapfig.sty comes the closest; it works in
twocolumn mode and allows an overhang for the picture to go into the margin.
But you can't do both at the same time.  The left column will wrap around
the figure, but the right one will overwrite it.

Any ideas?

Matthew Leingang


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