[texhax] problem with graphic files

sanaz lameie s_lameie at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 27 08:40:17 CEST 2006

>  I 
> put the eps. file in my main file: (using \begin{figure} 
> \includegraphics[width=3in]{pictu} ...). There is no problem when I 
run it. 
I can see the figure in dvi file, but I can't convert it to a ps. 
> file. There are two errors the figure caused it. The errors are:
>  "dvi2ps returned nonzero Exit Code(1) indicating that some problem 
> have occurred during the compilation... "
>  and
>  "dvi2ps failed to create a ps file.
>  For possible explanations start the command from the Command Prompt 
> read the Log file(captured by WinEdt during the execution)... "
>  I sent a part of my file with one of the figures. Would you please 
run it 
> and tell me what the problem is.
>  thank you.
>  Sanaz Lamei

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