[texhax] Non-proportional font availability

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Mon Aug 7 23:47:39 CEST 2006

>>>>> "hgi" == hgi  <hgi at shaw.ca> writes:

  > My difficulty is that I have little "title bars" in blue (with
  > white text inside) just above each tiny section.  So it would be
  > great, when titles are entered, to know that a titlebar is say, 50
  > characters in width and since the heading itself is (for example)
  > 30 chars in width, I need to pad 20 characters with the blue
  > colour.  In this way all titlebars are exactly the same width,
  > regardless of how much text they contain.

First of all, don't send HTML to mailing lists, check the
configuration of your email program.

Maybe there is there something at:


If not, maybe you find a better keyword to search for.

  > So I am wondering if there is a fairly nice looking font that I
  > might access for titles, that is likely non-proportional, so I can
  > dynamically create equal-width titlebars throughout my little
  > document.

No, there are no nice looking non-proportional fonts.

The Egyptians had beautiful fonts 4000 years ago, the Romans had
beautiful fonts 2000 years ago.  We use the Roman fonts today without
significant changes because it turned out that they cannot be improved
(except by Claude Garamond (1499-1561) and Hermann Zapf (1950)).

Typography evolved continuously from its beginning, many thousands
of years ago.

The major backstroke had been the invention of the typewriter with its
monospaced fonts about 100 years ago.  It seems that we are still
suffering from it.


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