[texhax] FAQ/Documentation [was `Translating ...']

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Mon Apr 24 23:12:56 CEST 2006

A proposal on texhax's `Welcome' mail:

I acknowledge what Justin, Reinhard Kotucha, and William Adams
have answered to William Markel concerning `Translating into math-like 
and their friendly way of pointing to FAQs etc.

Again I wonder how come that some posters (i.e. posting authors) don't know?
Aren't they told at their initiation into texhax?

Tonight I have looked into my `Welcome' mail from texhax. It includes

   General information about the mailing list is at:

If you click there, you find those great FAQ and other advising sites.
But can the newbie have an idea that this leads her to great FAQ etc. sites?

So I suggest to add something to the `Welcome' mail (after the previous) like

   Please look there before posting especially if you are new
   to TeX, texhax etc.

HTH -- Uwe.

At 02:17 24.04.06, Justin C. Walker wrote:

>Since you've joined TUG, you should know about their home page, and
>the links there.  In particular, the "Getting Started" link gives you
>some pointers to basic doc and tutorial discussions.
>The list is a great place to get specific questions answered, but you
>should do a little research before asking: the FAQ (again, a TUG
>link) and Google are usually very helpful.
>And a request: if you can, configure your mailer to send plain text
>to mailing lists like this one.  Fancy formatting of mail usually
>produces crappy results on systems whose configuration doesn't match
>yours; and more importantly, all that fancy formatting information
>just fouls up the archive for those who search for answers there.

At 14:11 24.04.06, William Adams wrote:

>The pointers to the beginner's pointers on www.tug.org are a good
>start. Short version is put this in your favourite .tex enabled
>editor and press the ``LaTeX'' button.

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