[texhax] LaTeX Pagination Reversed

rwd Nickalls dicknickalls at compuserve.com
Mon Apr 10 20:03:37 CEST 2006

Message text written by Uwe Lück
>>Also, the print on front & back do not align - when looking at outer edge

>>of a page, the type of the even side is about a quarter of an inch shy of

>>that of the odd side.

>Note that with book.cls this really must not happen.

I think that the real problem is that  when you send camera-copy 
files to a printer, the physical offset of the printer is not generally
exactly zero,
and so some experimentation is usually required to  overcome this.
This is what happens with my univ printer.

One solution is to send the printer a test file such that each pair of 
pages increases from zero offset to say, 10mm offset in say 1mm stages,
so pages 1-2 have a 1 mm ofset, pages 3-4 have a 2mm offset etc,
 you then ask the printer  which pages are perfectly aligned when looked 
through at the light.  we can then use this info to determine the 
required offset to build into the file to be printed.

 if someone could write a suitable test file this may be quite
 arranging that each pair of pages has the textmargin printed (using the
crop facility)
and also  has the actual offset in mm  printed  in the middle of each of
these pages
for convenience.

Dick  Nickalls
dicknickalls cat compuserve com

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