[texhax] No \ss in fraktur

Michael Barr mbarr at math.mcgill.ca
Sun Oct 30 19:01:28 CET 2005

I wanted to put a caption in fraktur.
Following the instructions in The LaTeX Companion, I loaded the package 
oldgerm and then used \textfrak{Gau\ss ian primes}.  I got the following 
File: Uyfrak.fd 1998/06/07 v2.1j YH Fraktur definitions
LaTeX Font Info:    Try loading font information for OT1+yfrak on input 
line 80
LaTeX Font Info:    No file OT1yfrak.fd. on input line 800.

LaTeX Font Warning: Font shape `OT1/yfrak/m/n' undefined
(Font)              using `OT1/cmr/m/n' instead
(Font)              for symbol `ss' on input line 800.
Sure enough, it was all in fraktur save the \ss, which was in cmr.  Is it 
possible that the fraktur fonts don't include the \ss?  I got similar 
results with \textgoth and \textschwab.  

I am using a full TeXLive installation on Win XP.

Michael Barr

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