[texhax] Question about macros

unnursg at kom.aau.dk unnursg at kom.aau.dk
Wed Oct 5 20:10:27 CEST 2005


I have a small problem which I cant find any solution to by google or any other
method :(

I have made two macros (using \renewcomment), one to make my one header and one
to make a front page containing some informations.

In the header macro I use 1 parameter, but in the front page macro I use 9
parameters. Now I would like to get one parameter from the front page macro in
the header macro (the parameter containing the name of the document). I.e. I
would like the name of the document to appear both on the header and on the

How can I "reference" from one macro to a single parameter in another macro?

Thanx alot

Unnur Stella

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