[texhax] Towards a UK-TuG revival

Karl Berry karl at tug.org
Mon Nov 21 20:03:00 CET 2005

For any TeX users in the UK --

One of the r\^oles of TUG is to encourage and support
the formation of national and/or language-based user groups,
one of the oldest (if not /the/ oldest) of which is UK-TuG,
the UK TeX Users' Group.  As with other user groups, however,
the enthusiasm which surrounded UK-TuG's creation and which
characterised its activities for the first decade has now
begun to falter, to a point where some are beginning to ask
whether UK-TuG as a TeX User Group still has any r\^ole.

The present Committee, most of whom go back many years
in their association with UK-TuG, recognise that this
almost certainly results (at least in part) from the
ever-increasing age and length of service of its own
members, as well as from similar statistics for
UK-TuG membership as a whole, and the Committee is very
keen to try to bring about a revival of interest in
UK-TuG by encouraging UK TeX Users who are /not/
currently members of UK-TuG to join the Group and
(ideally) stand for membership of the Committee.

Although they (and we) recognise that this is exceptionally
short notice, the UK-TuG Committee have asked us to let
you know that the Annual General Meeting of UK-TuG
will take place at 14:00 GMT on Saturday next (Saturday
26th November) at 61 Victor Road, Kensal Green, London.
All UK TeX users are cordially invited to this meeting,
but recognising both that accommodation is very limited,
and that this is exceptionally short notice, the Committee
are more than willing to consider adjourning the meeting
if there is sufficient interest to justify such a step.

Further information on the AGM will be posted on
the UK-TuG web site :


as soon as it is available.  Please keep your eye in this
site, as we will not be sending any more mass mailings until
after the AGM.

All UK TeX users are therefore kindly requested to
communicate with the current UK-TuG Chairman (Jay HAMMOND :
mailto:uktug at homemade.free-online.co.uk) and/or the
current UK-TuG Secretary (David OSBORNE :
mailto:uktug-secretary at tex.ac.uk) to let them know of
their interest (or otherwise).  It would be very helpful
if e-mails could categorise interest (or otherwise) into
one of four categories :

1) Not really interested in UK-TuG or its activities/AGM
2) Potentially interested in UK-TuG, but cannot make the
    AGM at such short notice; would consider attending
    an AGM in (say) a month's time or so
3) Definitely interested, and will try to make the AGM
    on Saturday next provided I can be guaranteed
    a seat at the meeting !
4) Not only interested but also willing to serve on the Committee.

Do please add anything else that you feel might be useful
to the present Committee.  On behalf of the TUG Board and
the UK-TuG Committee, thank you in advance for reading this !

Karl BERRY, President, TeX Users Group
Philip TAYLOR, UK-TuG Committee

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