[texhax] Bilbliography problem

Susan Dittmar S.Dittmar at eureca.de
Wed Nov 9 14:31:59 CET 2005

Quoting Philip G. Ratcliffe (philip.ratcliffe at uninsubria.it):
> Finally, to Susan, three-year olds do indeed have a right to ignore
> etiquette and to a certain self-centredness

It's so terribly difficult to make yourself understood via email...
Of course they do!

> but, seriously, posters to this list hardly fall into the infant
> category.

I never wanted to say otherwise. I merely tried to suggest to just ignore
impolite mails, and to say it's not the *reader's* problem, but the

> P.P.S.  At least in Great Britain the Robin is a protected species ...
> evidently, not without good reason!



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