[texhax] pslatex.sty with dvips + ps2pdf causes monospaced (courier) font to be excessively compressed

Miguel Telleria de Esteban miguel at mtelleria.com
Thu Nov 3 11:44:36 CET 2005

Dear fellow TeXers,

I am running teTeX distribution 2.0.2 in Debian GNU/Linux.

When I use pslatex.sty in my documents interpreted by dvips I always get
the courier letters too closed to each other creating a very bad effect
and looking very ugly in the output PDF.

However with pdflatex I don't get any of those problems, pslatex seems
to be correctly used (it has an effect on the PDF).

For reasons beyond this discussions I am interested in keeping using
dvips + ps2pdf instead of using pdflatex.

Here is a short example to demonstrate the situation.



  Paragraph with normal text!!

  Paragraph with \texttt{tt text}.


To get the PDF I do the following invocations:

1.  latex <file.tex>
2.  dvips <file.dvi>
3.  ps2pdf <file.ps> <file.pdf>

So my questions are:

1)  Is this behaviour normal?  Maybe I have something wrong with
    my configuration...

2)  If it is normal, is there a way (via a parameter or another package)
    to prevent pslatex affecting the courier font?

3)  Why is pdflatex NOT affected (it recognises pslatex.sty though)?

I must say that I am 100% newby when it comes to font configuration in
LaTeX, so don't hesitate to point me to the files that I must look.

Thanks in advance for any help.

	Miguel Telleria


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