[texhax] Style location

Konstantin Karapetyan texnic at photonica.ru
Sun May 29 18:29:21 CEST 2005

>> I have a sty file located in a directory above the project directory.
>> And I don't want to include it into the texmf tree. Therefore I call
>> the sty file with
>> \usepackage{../foo}.
>> Everything works fine but I get
>> LaTeX Warning: You have requested package `../foo',
>>               but the package provides `foo'.
>> In the foo.sty it is defined as
>> \ProvidesPackage{foo}[2005/05/20 v1.0b]
>> How do I get rid of this warning?

Lars, thank you for reply.

> why don't you just include it into your personal texmf tree, usually
> ~/texmf/tex/latex is a good place.

I just don't want to. I used to put this file into the localtexmf, but
each time I modified it at home, I had to take it from my home
localtexmf, send to work, and put it into the localtexmf there. That
was not very convenient, it seems easier just to zip the whole
project, email it, and unzip.

Ah, and one more reason. The version control I use at home -- CS RCS
-- considers as one project the files located in one directory or its
subdirectories. Therefore I need them all in one place.

> otherwise add the directory to the TEXINPUTS variable
This won't work. My sty file has the same name as another sty file in
the texmf tree.

Finally, I occasionally have to show the project to other people not
very familiar with TeX, and it would be inconvenient if I had to ask
them to put the file into some special place or to modify their
standard MiKTeX settings.

Well, I just wonder: if I can point TeX to a bib or sty file located
in any directory, and it finds it, why does it complain?

Happy TeXing,

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