[texhax] longtable/xcolor interaction

Justin Walker justin at mac.com
Mon Jan 31 01:59:47 CET 2005

On Jan 30, 2005, at 15:34, Philip G. Ratcliffe wrote:

>> At a suggestion I received during the discussion, I am trying
>> "longtable", and not having any luck.  The Companion2 and the FAQ are
>> silent on this, so I assume I am doing something stupid.
> Well, they can't foresee all errors one might make in typing, but read 
> on

What's the point of being an expert if you're not omniscient?

>> When I try to typeset the lines shown below, I get an immediate 
>> failure
>> (TeX capacity exceeded [input stack size=5000]).
> Such an error is nearly always a sign of an error in the LaTeX input 
> source
> and one can usually uncover the problem by commenting out lines until 
> it
> goes away.
> Now, having said that, I'm no expert on the packages you're using, but 
> I'd
> say you've found a bug.

Ah, vindication!

>   \caption{Table of values for selected $N$}\\

I missed that; thanks for pointing it out.

> Note that I'm cc'ing the xcolor package author.  Here's a minimal buggy
> script to play with:

Thanks for narrowing it down!  I do appreciate the time everyone has 
taken to help with this and my previous problem.



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